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Cream and Butter

We are the proud agent of Pepe Saya Butter. We are currently stocking  both their Fifth Duke and Pepe Saya range. .

We love our cultured French butter and none is better than Pamplie AOP available exclusively to us availbale in both Salted and Unsalted 250gm logs.

The French recognise two appellations for butter: Normandy and Charentes-Poitou. Butter carrying the AOP symbol is guaranteed to be made from fresh local cream which has been cultured using a natural maturation process lasting 12 to 24 hours, and the finest examples are gently churned in a traditional baratte. The cultured butter from the Poitou-Charentes region such as our Pamplie is pale, firm and slightly brittle in texture, and more consistent in quality and colour. It also has a lower moisture content, making it the preferred choice of French pastry chefs.