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In 2007, after more than 25 years as a chef in Europe and the USA Conrad Brown started Bone Roasters. The goal has been to produce stocks and stock reductions that are consistent, high quality, all natural and cost effective for the busy kitchen.

Bone Roasters Jus is a combination of Red Wine reduction and our Veal Glace 25 brix. This versatile Jus can be used in many applications.

The best part is all the hard work is done, very carefully done. Bone Roasters take their own blend of red wines and add it to the veal stock and reduce it for a further 10 hours. A full days careful, scientific work to create this outstanding reduction means you can take your time and add your artistry.

Unlike the busy chef we have time to concentrate on just one thing and that's making your jus. Every kitchen needs an insurance policy or back up plan. Bone Roasters in your Freezer will cover the unexpected busy days when time is absolutely in short supply.