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Pommery Mustard is a brand of gourmet mustard that is manufactured by the Pommery family of Meaux, France.

Also called Moutarde de Meaux or Old Mustard, this brand of mustard is made by keeping the whole grain mustard seed intact, which gives the prepared mustard its distinct, gritty texture. It is thicker than other types of mustard, which makes it ideal as a base for vinaigrettes or as a crust for roasted poultry, veal or lamb dishes.

PGF has developed an exciting new line of and mustards in the tradition of the great French gastronomes.This prestigious range of gourmet products will excite even the most discerning gourmet.

Using only the freshest and most aromatic of ingredients, PGF has taken flavours from natures most basic items - from plants to spices and fruits. They have combined these flavours to create a diverse array of tantalizing cooking condiments which have become essential items for the professional kitchen.