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Jimele Food Provedore is the proud distributor of Careme Pastry

Discover the pleasure of baking with our all-butter, real Puff Pastry. Butter has always been our preferred fat for making our ‘French’ style range of pastry. But why do we love butter so much at Carême Pastry? Well, because not only does it taste great, but it’s natural, and best of all, it makes delicious pastry!

All the ingredients we use at Carême Pastry are natural. Our eggs are free range, our vanilla is real, our flour is local, and our chocolate is 70% cocoa solids. Most importantly, our puff pastry is proudly made by a dedicated crew of pastry lovers right here in the beautiful Barossa Valley, South Australia.

We also carry Careme sour cream pastry, sweet short crust pastry and spelt puff pastry.

No Artificial Colours . No Artificial Flavours . No Preservatives