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Pure Artisan Cheese

The Pure Artisan cheese range includes Triple Cream, Ash Triple Cream, Fresh Goat Curd, Fresh Soft Chevre, Washed Rind, Cloth bound Cheddars and Blue varities.

Head Cheesemaker Michael Reeve was a cheesemaker at Denhay Farms in the UK before migrating to Australia. Starting as a packer, he’d worked his way up in the world of cheese, gaining skills and confidence on his journey to the top.

By 2009, Michael had gained recognition as the Most Consistent Cheesemaker in the West Country in the UK and had won the prize for Best Traditional Cheddar in the world, with his cheeses consumed by Prince Charles.

Michael is a fount of knowledge about cheese, making many different varieties at Pure Artisanand inventing cheeses on a regular basis.His latest cheese is Milly’s Blue named after his daughter, has the colour and texture of a creamy Shropshire Blue and the taste of a Stilton, yet it looks like a Roquefort.