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Welshmans Reef Verjuice is a pure, healthy and natural product derived from the juice of pure underripe grapes. Welshmans Reef Verjuice is a non alcoholic product.

Originating as far back as Roman times, and highly popular in the Middle Ages where it was sometimes made from underripe apples, crabapples or other fruit, it has many culinary uses as salad dressings and vinaigrettes, deglazing of roasting pans to create a rich sauce, as a delicious flavouring for sweet syrups and sauces, and a simple and refreshing mixer in drinks.

Used wherever vinegar and white wine are used in cooking, Verjuice is versatile, delicious and refreshing.

   It is a great choice for anyone who chooses not to drink alcohol, whether for religious, social or health reasons, neat or splashed into soda, sparkling or still mineral water – is the perfect drink to sip with hot curries and spicy food.The piquant balance of sweet/sour complements and enhances the traditional spiciness of their cuisine whilst refreshing and cleansing the palate.